About Us

PCI is Under Ministry of MSME (Govt. of India), An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Organization. PCI is an Information Technology Organization in the field of software training, technology resourcing and knowledge consulting. PCI comes into existence in year 2006 with a motive to provide computer training, software development, and data processing services to the different sectors of the society. PCI prepares students to be a part of this growing industry through its courses and various placement assistance activities. PCI offers a variety of career programs for students who want to join IT sector as well professionals who want to enhance their skills. There are also basic IT programs for school students, housewives/senior citizens etc.

Services Offered at PCI Computer Education Hub

PCI Computer  offers short-term courses and certificate courses. Inclusive of comprehensive learning, the long-term programs feature subjects such as web development, financial accountancy, computer application and programming, information technology, multimedia and web-designing. Some of the short-term courses cover topics like Windows 7, 8, 10,  MS Office, DTP (Desk Top Publishing), Web Designing, Multimedia, Tally ERP 9, C, C++ , Java, Visual Basic and Vocational training courses


Objectives of the PCI

Basic Competency

Objectives related to basic computer competency specify the skills a student must demonstrate before successfully completing the training. These statements typically include the knowledge of basic computing concepts, security measures and the ability to use popular software applications to produce documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Other objectives usually relate to creating and managing files and folders and retrieving data. Once you master these skills, you'll be ready to take on new challenges.

Information Access

Computer training usually prepares participants to connect with friends and family on social media and to use a computer to access the Internet to send and retrieve email, search for information and use online resources. Objectives here specify what types of programs the participant will be learning to use. Training may also prepare the participant to recognize spam, avoid viruses and prevent identity theft through safe computing. Without these skills, you're liable to fall prey to hackers who can wreak havoc on your computer.

Computer Management

Computer training also prepares participants to use different types of technology in everyday settings. This may include installing software, managing updates and performing backups on desktop computers, laptops or tablets. Training can prepare you to use a computer both on the job and in your personal life.

Productivity Gains

Achieving the objectives of computer training typically enables participants to master basic skills on which to build future computer knowledge and expertise. Learning how to adeptly use a mouse or track pad to point, click, double-click and scroll can impress your less tech-savvy friends. Tips for cutting and pasting text can save you time, as well.